Group Training is done with a personal trainer and a group approximately 10 participants. This type of training is great for people who like to to have fun while working out in a group setting. The Group Training sessions will provide you with the accountability of showing up to workout with a personal trainer without the pressure of having someone watch your every move.

Group Training Benefits:
    • Weight loss
    • Increased strength
    • Increased Cardiovascular capacity
    • Inches lost
    • Clothes will fit better
    What is included with Group Training?
      • 30 – 45 minute sessions with a trainer
      • 4 week nutritional program
      • Re-assessments every 4 weeks
      • Fun challenges
      • Facebook accountability group with fitness tips and workout ideas
      • Healthy recipes monthly
      • 24/7 access to all gym amenities
      • Complimentary equipment orientation
      • State of the art cardio and strength equipment
      • Monthly guided workouts (written by our top personal trainers)
      • Unlimited group exercise classes
      • Locker rooms
      • Showers
      • All the coffee you can drink!

    Semi-Private Training is when you are working with a personal trainer and a small group of people, generally no more than four people.

    This is perfect for those who:

    • Like the motivation of a group atmosphere
    • Are looking to lose weight or tone up with people who have similar goals in mind
    • Still want a personal trainer to individualize their workouts

    Semi-Private Training also includes:

    • Accountability
    • Working out with a personal trainer
    • Nutritional guidance
    • Weekly, personalized meal plans

    Benefits of Semi-Private Training:

    • Blast belly fat
    • Gain lean muscle
    • Gain knowledge by working out with a personal trainer

    Personal Training offers one-on-one, individualized attention from a personal trainer at Body Works, located in Prescott, Wi. Our personal trainers will help you meet your goals by keeping you accountable. Call Body Works to set up your complimentary session and to learn more!


    Want faster results: working 1-on-1 with a personal trainer will get you to your goal faster. Are you busy? We will work around your schedule. Afraid of working out in a gym? Working with a trainer is definitely for  you! The trainer will customize a plan to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, with correct form,a dn they work for your goals!


    • Convenient times, set to your schedule
    • Sessions are led by certified trainers
    • Modifications offered for all fitness abilities and levels


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