Ptacek’s/Body Works Meal Plans

Ptacek’s/Body Works Meal Plans

Body Works and Ptacek’s Meal Plan Service

Ptacek’s IGA and Body Works are teaming up to bring you delicious and healthy meal plans that you can cook at home.  Body Works creates healthy and delicious recipes, Ptacek’s IGA will shop your meals for you and all you have to do is pick up your groceries at Ptacek’s IGA.  It’s that simple.

All of the meals will be between 300-700 calories.  All the recipes will be easy to make (so don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook-you will be able to do this).

Examples of some of the meals:

  • Beef and Barley Soup
  • Chicken Tacos
  • Sloppy Joe Potatoes

What customers are saying about Body Works and Ptacek’s Meal Plan Service:

  • “Easy to follow recipes”
  • “The whole family likes the meals”
  • “It saves me time.  Body Works does the meal planning, Ptacek’s IGA does the grocery shopping, all I have to do is pick them up”
  • “The meals are delicious, easy to make and healthy”

Are you ready to try something new?  Forget about having to figure out what to make for meals, let us do the work for you.

You choose between meatless or with meat.  For 2 people or for 4 people.  Then sit back and relax knowing that Body Works and Ptacek’s IGA are hard at work for you.

Pick up groceries on Monday between 12-10pm at Ptacek’s IGA. Subscribe by Sunday at 10pm for pick-up on Monday. If you want to cancel your subscription you must do so by Sunday at 10pm.

Meals Plans Per Week