Have you been thinking about a nutrition program? Click through the slideshow and check out these amazing transformations from past participants!


“The Body Works LIFE program was a great experience! I’ve never before been able to make new healthy habits stick. I’m an emotional eater and I did not think I’d be able to kick that habit. This program and the support from Body Works and Lisa was amazing. It motivated me to stay on track and learn how to fuel my body rather than feed my emotions. I’d never before enjoyed working out but the results from the training classes showed me that I can do it, it makes me feel happier and I love being strong! It was a great experience overall and I’m looking great, feeling great and am positive that I have the tools and knowledge now to stay healthy for the long term and to pick myself back up when I slip. I wish everyone would try this because it’s life-changing and it works!”

–Jennifer Kathrine

“The LIFE program has completely changed my eating habits and my life. I was referred to the program, and I was a little skeptical, I had done weight watchers prior and had a lot of success however, after I had my baby, something changed and I need more help than what other programs offered. My co-worker told me about Healthy Habits and it sounded amazing so I decided to give it a chance. Through this program I learned a whole new level of knowledge about fitness, food, portions, Macros and most importantly having a healthy relationship with food. 

Thank you Lisa and everyone that has put there energy into the LIFE program because it WORKS.”

–Amber Madson

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